Not many people would normally but you could if your concrete was treated with our unique Concrete Treatment which makes the surface hydrophobic. water cannot pass the treatment / barrier and simply runs off the surface until it runs out of energy and then evaporates.

Specialised Surface Coatings has an impressive new concrete treatment product for the protection of high quality concrete, masonry, pavers and concrete roof tiles. The concrete treatment has the ability to add properties to the bulk material, which makes the use of surface sealers in many cases unnecessary. Even dense concrete of high standard does not eliminate absorption of water through capillary and permeability. Concrete inherently absorbs moisture and soluble contaminants from its surrounding environment.

For decades surface sealers and penetrating impregnations have been used to reduce the water absorption, and protect concrete from moss, algae and salt attacks. With the use of our concrete treatment, this costly add on can be avoided. Unlike some of our competitors, Specialised Surface Coatings Concrete is a one-time application which lasts for years. By becoming a permanent part of the complete concrete or masonry, rising damp and efflorescence can be prevented. Surface abrasion does not have an effect on the function, even on high traffic areas.

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