What does specialised surface coating do?

Once a surface is treated with our products it becomes hydrophobic. This effectively creates a barrier over the surface through which water cannot penetrate. This principle applies to dirt and other particles as well, if water can’t get through or adhere to a treated surface then neither can dirt. Expected lifetime of treated surfaces is at least 7 years!

Benefits of our products


The key selling factor for our products is to lower maintenance costs over the next few years. Because our treatments make surfaces easier to clean, you spend less time and money cleaning them.


We provide a warranty for every surface we treat because we believe in the durability of our products. We understand for our products to be viable, they need to last years – which they do.


You’ll use less water and no dangerous chemicals required to clean any surface we treat. Most of our surfaces just require a light spray and wipe with water from time to time.


Hi, I’m Mike Alison, Owner Operator of Specialised Surface Coatings. I started the company in 2013 and we specialise in Nanotechnology that primarily deals with surface coatings.