Everyone knows that stainless steel is the metal of choice in engineering situations where corrosion is an issue. However, stainless steels in coastal environments are often prone to brown discolouration or tea staining. This unsightly coastal corrosion does not affect the structural integrity or the longevity of the material, but the visual affect can make even eye-catching building designs look very unattractive.

Tea staining is related to the surface roughness of the stainless steel in combination with salt contamination. Rough surface finishes and lower grade steel can promote tea staining. Our metal treatment is a new product, which offers a solution to remove the tea stains and to protect the surface from new staining, in one easy to use application.

During the lifetime of the coating, maintenance if any at all is reduced to wiping the surface with a wet cloth. The product is VOC and acid free.


The use of nanotechnology is a real innovation in the development of wood coatings, particularly in relation to UV absorbing and penetration. Although wood is naturally durable and strong, the effects of out-door exposure can degrade not only these physical properties, but its natural beauty as well. In meeting this challenge, Nanovations has introduced a new VOC-free technology for clear impregnating wood protection.

And even more…

The applications for the nanotechnology coatings we apply are endless. If you have questions about a specific surface you would like treated, but you’re unsure if it’s possible – just contact us.

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