Our glass treatment makes shower doors, balustrades & windows low maintenance and easier to clean. The treatment is a new technology coating for glass substrates. The easy to clean effect appears from a chemical reaction of a sol gel solution. After the curing a cross linked three dimensional nanoscale structure, only a few atoms thick, is created.

These structures give the glass an extremely durable hydrophobic effect. This prevents water stains, soap and grime accumulating on the surface of the glass. The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment. With our treatment applied, you’ll spend less time and money cleaning glass. You’ll also use less dangerous chemicals, because glass treated with us can usually be cleaned with a quick wipe of a damp cloth.



Specialised Surface Coating’s can provide extremely cost effective restoration of your tiles and grout which makes them look virtually brand new. Don’t go through the cost and hassle of renovating – restoring, with us, gets results for much, much less money. On the left, you can see what our restoration process can do on tired, grotty tiles and grout. Then, once restored, we are able to treat the tiles and grout with a hydrophobic, nanotech coating which prevents the tile and grout getting dirty again. The protective sealant for tile and grout minimizes maintenance on treated surfaces by reducing cleaning time and effort.

Using state-of-the-art nanotechnology, our treatment chemically bonds to the tile and grout surfaces, leaving an ultrathin transparent layer which is both hydrophobic and oleophobic. The treatment acts as an invisible barrier to prevent contaminants from soaking or sitting on the surface of the tiles and grout. Instead, contaminants bead on the surface and run off into the drain. The hydrophobic nature of the treatment reduces the buildup of mold, mildew and harmful bacteria, helping to promote a germ-free environment. The video below showcases just how incredible this protective coating is.


Our graffiti armour is a clear coating for concrete, metal, wood, painted surfaces and more. The coating is designed to protect against damage from graffiti and normal destructive forces, providing a long-lasting barrier between the substrate and damage. The graffiti armour allows the removal of graffiti without damage to the underlying paint, signage or substrate. The coating is peel and flake resistant and outlasts sacrificial coatings and traditional graffiti protection methods.


Specialised Surface Coatings has an impressive new product for the protection of high quality concrete, masonry, pavers and concrete roof tiles. The product has the ability to add properties to the bulk material, which makes the use of surface sealers in many cases unnecessary. Even dense concrete of high standard does not eliminate absorption of water through capillary and permeability. Concrete inherently absorbs moisture and soluble contaminates from its surrounding environment.

For decades surface sealers and penetrating impregnations have been used to reduce the water absorption, and protect concrete from moss, algae and salt attacks. With the use of our treatment, this costly add on can be avoided. Unlike some of our competitors, ours is a one-time application which lasts for years. By becoming a permanent part of the complete concrete or masonry, rising damp and efflorescence can be prevented. Surface abrasion does not have an effect on the function, even on high traffic areas.


Everyone knows that stainless steel is the metal of choice in engineering situations where corrosion is an issue. However, stainless steels in coastal environments are often prone to brown discolouration or tea staining. This unsightly coastal corrosion does not affect the structural integrity or the longevity of the material, but the visual affect can make even eye-catching building designs look very unattractive.

Tea staining is related to the surface roughness of the stainless steel in combination with salt contamination. Rough surface finishes and lower grade steel can promote tea staining. Our metal treatment is a new product, which offers a solution to remove the tea stains and to protect the surface from new staining, in one easy to use application.

During the lifetime of the coating, maintenance if any at all is reduced to wiping the surface with a wet cloth. The product is VOC and acid free.


The use of nanotechnology is a real innovation in the development of wood coatings, particularly in relation to UV absorbing and penetration. Although wood is naturally durable and strong, the effects of out-door exposure can degrade not only these physical properties, but its natural beauty as well. In meeting this challenge, Nanovations has introduced a new VOC-free technology for clear impregnating wood protection.

And even more…

The applications for the nanotechnology coatings we apply are endless. If you have questions about a specific surface you would like treated, but you’re unsure if it’s possible – just contact us.