A lot of people and Companies claim they can clean glass in the showers. Yes they are probably right

but are they really cleaning it without scratching the glass. If you shine a bright light (like an LED) you

will see lots of staining….glass is porous and will absorb many contaminants

We can clean the glass without scratching and then apply a treatment which is absorbed into the

glass and stops contaminants getting into the glass. This is the big difference and the reason we get such rave reviews on our showing glass cleaning and protection
For example see this glass below which was after it was cleaned with a supermarket cleaner that claims to be the best cleaner for showers in the world!! OPPS.

cleaning a shower glass using the system

You may also be familiar with the old mould behind the sealant trick as shown below. We have a way to stop this happening also. No matter how hard to scrub the mould stays because it is behind the actual sealant


If you want shower doors like this…

cleaning your shower door properly

and tile grout that looks like this?


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